Day 5

Change Log

  • Updated navigation on the Dev Log again to something that looks a lot better, I'm guessing this is the final version I'll stick with.

    Work continues on putting together block diagrams of the processor FPGA before we start putting down VHDL in the next couple days.

  • • Renamed 'Diagrams' section to 'Design' and improved page layout.
    • Added 'Design -> Execution Core' section.

Day 4

Change Log

  • I'm pleasantly surprised with how well the Dev Log is turning out. It's less of a mess than I expected, which wasn't much.

    Time to start getting block diagrams and the system architecture laid out on paper. This has been a pet project for a while now and while I've done a lot of thinking about how everything should work, none of it has ever really gone anywhere until this point. For now, we'll start with blocking out the FPGA firmware and the core itself - this is the heart of this project after all. The top-level outline is done and uploaded, and outlines the functional blocks which will need to be written. Check out the new 'Processor Core' page up under the 'Diagrams' section to see the project getting started.

  • • Added 'Log' page to Dev Log.
    • Added 'Diagrams -> Processor Core' section.

Day 2

Change Log

  • Welp, we've got a site framework together, the Linode is running, and a DNS entry set up to a domain I've had parked for a while now. Server administrators will be horrified to hear that instead of setting up an FTP transfer or something sane to transfer the Dev Log every update, I've taken the liberty of installing an entire desktop environment on the Linode so that I can fire up Firefox and download it from Google Drive.

    Work continues on making this pile of CSS readable, but it's surprisingly starting to look alright. Still explodes when the window is resized but we'll just keep it maximized and pretend that doesn't exist until later. I'm beginning to remember why I hate anything involving CSS.

  • • Launched Dev Log page.

Day 1

Change Log

  • The forum post is up, let's get this thing rolling.

    The first order of business is to put together a place to host the Dev Log... the Level1Techs forum thread would be incomprehensible if I tried to dump everything there, and the last thing I want is a "...that sounds cool, but what am I looking at?" sort of response. Hopefully having everything laid out nicely can alleviate that.

    I was originally planning on hosting this locally, but then realized, why not use the $100 of Linode credit we have?

  • • Forum post created.

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